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Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

The IRS grants the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to people required to file personal tax reports (Income Tax), but who are not eligible for an SSN (Social Security Number). Although the ITIN number also has 9 digits like the social security number they are not the same. People eligible to have an SSN are not eligible for an ITIN. The ITIN can be obtained directly from the IRS or through a company such as JP Tax and Bookkeeping LLC, authorized by the IRS to obtain the ITIN.

JP Tax and Bookkeeping LLC is authorized by the IRS to apply for your ITIN

How to Request the ITIN Tax Identification Number?

JP Tax and Bookkeeping LLC helps you apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN, PIN, Tax ID or Taxpayer ID) and file all pending tax returns.

Who may be eligible for an ITIN number:

A person is living in the US, but is not eligible for an SSN

A person who is listed as a spouse or dependent (a child, for example) on the tax return of a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident must apply for an ITIN if that person is not eligible for an SSN. The person making the report can then claim an exemption for that spouse or dependent.

A person who has interest-bearing accounts at a bank, or who received dividends from money invested in stocks, but who is not eligible for a valid SSN.

A person who has successfully obtained compensation or payment from a legal claim (for example, an administrative claim or legal claim for unpaid wages, discrimination, or sexual harassment) may also apply for an ITIN to satisfy any potential tax requirements they may have to report the amount of money you have earned.