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We are able to provide comprehensive accounting solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Let us take care of the accounting so you can focus on building and growing your business.

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Tax season comes every year, and whether this is your first time filing or you have done it in the past we understand that the recordkeeping may be daunting, this is why he are here, to make the process easy for you.  Let our Trusted  team of professionals have your books ready, accurately and on time this Tax Season!

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We work with you to uncover potential deductions and credits that could reduce your tax liability or increase your tax refund. We specialize in small businesses, construction contractors and personal tax filings.


Our payroll options are flexible and built to fit your unique business, we also work closely with a full service provider to meet the needs of our growing small businesses.


Come to our office to apply for a new ITIN or to renew a preexisting ITIN. You must have a valid passport.

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We have years of experience preparing taxes, bookkeeping, translations, accounting and payroll for businesses and individuals around Columbus, Ohio.

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We believe that collaboration between tax preparers and bookkeepers is best for small businesses.  Tax preparers and bookkeepers can collaborate to offer your company the greatest financial management by managing various yet interconnected parts of your organization.

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We are motivated by supporting our community and people. We want to assist you with any IRS issues, tax preparation or bookkeeping to simplify the process and paperwork.

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Our team will make sure your company's books are up to date and that you regularly receive reports on the performance of your firm. We are able to provide a flexible partnership tailored to your company's demands because we are aware of the particular requirements that each firm has.

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Our team works closely with you to prevent costly mistakes and ensure that you have included everything required to obtain the largest refund or lowest liability. We will review and double-check your tax return to confirm this and help you avoid any potential issues the IRS might look at.

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